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concierge medicine Chicago, executive health Chicago, executive physical Chicago, corporate wellness program Chicago The Cardio-Med Executive Physical serves busy executives and others in the Chicago area seeking a comprehensive approach to their health. We offer complete executive health assessments and personalized fitness plans.

Are you a human resources executive or corporate leader? We can work with you to design a cost-effective program for your busiest and most valued employees.

Call (847) 758-1230 today to set up your executive physical program.

Why Cardio-Med?

Cardio-Med has one of the best executive health programs programs in the Chicago area.

Affordable Cost - We don't have the expenses of a hospital or large clinic, so we can keep our costs and charges low, much lower than the $1000's you'd pay elsewhere, with no compromises on quality.

For our corporate wellness program, we offer flexible, cost-effective solutions that can be priced per-employee.

We do not accept insurance, so we can keep our prices low and avoid insurance company restrictions on care. You have less paperwork to handle.

Personalized Care - We serve a smaller number of patients than a typical practice, allowing us to devote more time and be more thorough in addressing your needs. Each patient receives an outstanding level of individualized attention, including a complete review of test results from our physician. We offer service centered on your needs and comfort.

Comprehensive Care - With an experienced staff and complete diagnostic facilities, Cardio-Med can perform an in-depth assessment of your health needs.

Convenience - Most of our diagnostic tests can be performed in-house in our Chicago area facility, saving you the time and hassle of visiting multiple facilities and making a series of appointments. Take our virtual facility tour.

No long waits to see a doctor or have tests done. Appointments can be set up within the week in most cases. And in the majority of cases you'll only need two visits to have tests done and a review completed with our physician.

We are centrally located in Arlington Heights, Illinois for employees in the Chicago area.

Our Program

Cardio-Med is equipped to offer a complete suite of diagnostic tests to assess your health condition in depth. Assessment begins with our complete physical exam, which covers EKG/ECG, blood testing and cancer screening. If necessary, your doctor will also recommend a body scan, stroke scan or ultrasound scan. All tests are done in-house.